Protecting lives in the water

Sensor-based automation for life saving rashies

Unrestricted performance but safety when you need it. Adivo Smart Lifejackets are the smartest safety product for any water sport. 


Adivo’s got your back.


Adivo is built for active people, providing safety without compromising your performance above and below the water.


Adivo uses sensors to monitor your movements in the water and will automatically inflate your lifejacket if something goes wrong.


Not only could Adivo save your life, or the life of someone you care about, but it looks and feels like a regular rashie.

Adivo Products


Ideal For:
Surf Life Saving

Product Detail:

Streamlined and lightweight, you won’t notice Adivo on your back until you need it. 


Ideal For:
Recreational and Extreme water sports

Product Detail:

The worlds most advanced rashie. Adivo complete with a hidden, self orientating life jacket.

Join us on the journey to revolutionise water safety

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You dont feel it at all… it sits in the perfect spot and wont affect my performance at all
- Bay, Ironwoman

Say you go camping with your family, the parents can just put it on their kids and know theres that extra level of protection
- Stefaan, Ironman

I go surfing, spearfishing, and kiteboarding, and tried a bunch of lifejackets and I still can’t believe how smart and streamlined Adivo products are
- Tom